Renascent's unique approach to construction lets buildings grow out of client needs, personalities and budgets. We eliminate the ping-pong between architects and builders by bringing the entire process into one, natural order.

PHASE 1 - Predevelopment: Renascent does due diligence to prepare a realistic budget and construction plan. This phase requires little or no investment from the client who receives a written proposal for the next phase.

PHASE 2 - Planning: Renascent secures permits, construction documents, and an architectural plan based on client input. Phase 2 is guaranteed. If Renascent's costs exceed the budget set forth in Phase 1, the client owns the drawings.

PHASE 3 - Development: With budgets, plans and expectations in place, Renascent starts construction and dreams start to take shape.

PHASE 4 - Delivery: Renascent hands over the keys and the client enjoys a space that has grown from their own ideas without the hassles of scope change, budget adjustments, and fees for drawings of buildings that will never be built.